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Monday, August 28, 2006

Madurai DotNet udergoes a transformation

I was browsing through the web and this thought came to my mind."Why don't we redesign our Groups' home page??" the UG activities at MNET has started to pickup its pace.So I sat for 2hrs and redesigned the page using Fireworks 2004. Check that out Here
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Portable .NET

Sounds wierd isn't it.How one can associate the word "portable" to .NET. Yep..its true the Portable .NET or pnet as it is called is a Open Source venture to provide the services offered by the .NET Framework on windows in Linux too.It is a DotGNU project



On the 11th of August we had a session organized for the 2nd and 3rd years on using AJAX in ASP.NET apps by Kaushik Srenevasan of Microsoft India. The session lasted for two hours and demos on the usage of ATLAS to develop the GMAIL kinda experience was shown by Kaushik Srenevasan. The session was really fine and only the 2nd years were a bit confused as they found it difficult to understand the concepts. We recorded the session on tape and would soon be made available to all the members of the MaduraiDotNet User Group.


A dream comes true
It has been a pretty long since I blogged…but I made it a point to record one of my happiest moments in my life. By God’s grace I got a dual placement in Hewlett Packard. It all started on the 13th of July, first was the AT, which lasted for 2hrs. It was pretty tough actually. Out of the 285 attended 25 were shorted listed for the Technical Interview. The Technical Interview was quite easy and was on my project in a Linux Cluster, the one which I had been doing since my second year. Then after that was the HR that lasted for 20 mins. The results were announced at 8.30pm and 8 out of the 25 who cleared the AT got placed :)


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