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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Story time it is...

I read this story on the internet and felt that it should go in my blog for sure:

There was once a bird which stayed close to a sugar factory. It usually had the habit of taking sugar from one place to another. One fine day, while repeating its usual course of fly, the sugar which it was carrying fell off into a pot containing water. Desperate to get the sugar back, the bird dipped its beak into the pot containing water. Since the sugar had just started to dissolve in water , the water on top of the pot tasted very sweet for the bird. On its way back, thinking the water would still be sweet it dipped its beak to find that the water wasn't sweet. So the bird started taking more amounts of sugar everyday and added it into the water, but still the water in the pot wasn't sweet. In desperation, the bird started working over-time, just to show its mates that it has found a water pot that had sweet water. Its mates never knew the ground reality.

Moral of the story: Half-truth is far worse than complete falsehood.

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