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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This post is neither about my fascination for trains nor about my rants of a train journey. Its just a post that captures the various kinds of people I've encountered in my 4 years of travel between Bangalore and Madurai

1- The bunch of people who right after boarding would plug-in wires (sorry earphones) into their ears and enter into another world. At times, you can even hear them exhibiting their singing talents.

2. The other kind who usually board the train as one big family. And always on the lookout for innocent victims to exchange seats and rescue their family members from a different coach. It might also happen that the exchanged berth might be in RAC status and the victim would end up sitting all the way while the other enters into snoring mode to avoid an exchange.

3. The kind that comes as a three member family. A husband, wife and a new born baby(which would turn the world upside down with its cry). Born to cry tagline would suit it better. You don't have to worry about alarms to wake up the next morning, because you never get to sleep the whole night.

4. The elderly gentleman and lady who would have reserved the Lower Berth in the coupe. Just when you thought that you had a good magazine or a book to read, the lights would go off. You end up going to your Berth half heartedly trying to search for the elusive sleep.

5. The college gang.. The fun loving gang who would be awake atleast half the duration of the journey. As usual the topic would be, movies, politics, company life, good old college life, who's getting married next in our class topics, lastest updates on who's where n what doing now stories ( i can see your smile )..what not.. The patrol officer in the train would dissolve the assembly session for the night.

Having said all these, I would love to be a part of the college gang when travelling with friends and be a bookworm forced to sleep when travelling alone.

Whatever, I still enjoy travelling by train.

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