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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Silverlight??? What it is all about

Microsoft Silverlight (code-named Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere or WPF/E) is a proprietary dual-platform XAML-based WPF technology for video, vector graphics, and animations. These plug-ins will allow compatible browsers to use Silverlight graphics capabilities. The browser plug-ins will be similar to Adobe Flash. Microsoft claims that content created with Silverlight would be more searchable and indexable than that created with Flash as it is not compiled, but represented as XAML

Silverlight is being designed to work in concert with XAML and will be scriptable with JavaScript. Version 1.1 will contain a version of the Common Language Runtime so it can execute VB.NET and C# code.

If you are an AJAX guy. This is one thing you wouldn't want to miss!!!



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