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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A year gone by..

Dec 17th 2007, it is still etched in my mind, the day I underwent Zyoptics Eye Treatment to correct my vision, of course to do away with my specs :-). I have been wearing specs from my 3rd standard, probably due to hereditary reasons, since my father & grand father started wearing specs at a young age.

Coping up as school going kid had always been difficult, especially when I stood out so distinctively in the class just because I wore a spectacle so big that would cover two third of my face 8-) ... Not to mention the insults & nicknames from teachers & other contemporaries. This went on till I completed my 12th standard. I switched over to contact lens once I joined college[Ah, what a relief!! :)]. Looking back, it brings a smile on my face and am thankful to God for making me go through these sort of experiences so that I could learn from them.

PS: I have abstracted on my Zyoptics Eye Treatment procedure coz I ain't a doc ;-) .. On second thought, I would post it sometime in future on-demand basis :-)

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