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Saturday, September 27, 2008

No more in its teens :-)

Couple of months back our car crossed its teens. Manufactured in 1988, FIAT(Premier Padmini Deluxe) has been a part of our family since 1990. It was bought as a second-hand car from the Art Director Thotta Tharani(you must be seeing his name in a lot of tamil movies these days). Couple of features I really admire in our car is its floor gear design and push back seats, which was a rarity in those days, hence it was tagged as a Deluxe model.

It has taken us to many places: school in Madras. trips to Guindy Zoo, Marina beach, especially my one and only transport during my 12th Public Examination in SBOA and to semester examinations in all my years in college. One thing which has never troubled us for the past 18 years is its engine [so durable!!]. Our car drinks [Er.. I mean runs on :-)]pertol (Lots of 'em!). It has crossed over 70,000kms and gives a milege of around 8kms/litre.

For the past 10 years, it has run only on second-hand retreaded tyres. If we were to buy steel radials like MRF ZVTS, it would cover more than half of the car's worth :D

Though Premier Padmini hasn't been tagged as a vintage car yet, you see them very rarely on the roads. Be it anyway, it would be in my books as one of my favourite cars and am really proud to see it parked in our portigo :)

There she stands!

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