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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Changing boarding point for a tatkal E-ticket

I booked a train ticket from Mysore(MYS) to Tutucorin(TN) under the Tatkal scheme in the IRCTC website and forgot to change the boarding point from Mysore(MYS) to Bangalore City Station(SBC). If I were to board the train at Bangalore, chances are that the ticket would have gone to someone else :( and would have been treated as a Wait Listed passenger.
After a quick check with the IRCTC Customer care, I was informed that the boarding point needs to be changed at the nearest reservation counter with a Chief Reservation Supervisor(CRS):
Little did I know about these:
1) Take a Xerox copy of the ID
2) Write a letter to the CRS requesting for a change in the boarding point.

First thing that struck my mind was the K.R.Puram railway station, as it was close by my place. That did have a reservation counter, but not a CRS. Someone in the reservation counter suggested me to go to either Bangalore City station or the Cantonment Station as it had a CRS. I rushed to the Cantonment station. Once reaching there I was informed about (1), I walked for a km to get my ID Xerox'ed. Then to my surprise I was informed about (2) and walked to the same shop to get A4 sheets for writing a letter requesting for a change.

Once all the formalities were over, the lady at the counter logged into the application and changed the boarding point. It was an exercise for me, thanks to my folly, but things could have been more simpler if this information was properly put up in the IRCTC website.

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