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Saturday, February 25, 2006


We left the hostel at midnight and decided to go to Kanyakumari to see the Sunrise. 8-( we couldn't see it properly, then we raced towards Trivandrum and reached RajMahal Cottage(the place where we stayed during the trip) at 11.00.I shared the room with Senthil, Shanoof, Prabhu & Praveen .We liked that room, especially for that ... :-P. We then visited the BSNL company and went over to see the sunset over the beach. That evening we went looking for a NV hotel and we finally ended up into one and left there with tears in our eyes bcoz of that Chicken Masala we ate(tooooo spicy). Shanoof unable to bear that poured some water into it ;-). We then retuned back to the cottage and joined our friends who were playing Dumb Sherads. Later that night we five decided to have a GD kind of thing. From the moment I and Praveen started to speak, all the others went to sleep ;-) We spoke on things from blogging to Da Vinci Code. It was fun. The next day we visited the USSoftware Company at the Tecnhno Park(Truly awesome). That night we left for Madurai after having dinner at Nagercoil. Lessons learnt at Trivandrum- never eat Chicken there ;-) . Had a great time at Trivandrum.



Blogger Praveen Krishnamoorthy said...

hey u liked that room for what? cos we had a attached bathroom that no other guys room had? :)

Sun Feb 26, 10:30:00 PM GMT+6  
Blogger nirmal said...

Nice guess ;-)

Wed Mar 01, 05:49:00 PM GMT+6  
Blogger B.Shanoof said...

yes ,you are correct :>)

Mon Mar 13, 11:09:00 PM GMT+6  

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