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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Microsoft Offers to License some of its Source Codes.(Courtesy: MSNBC)

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Microsoft Corp. will license some of its secret software blueprints in an effort to avert fines of up to 2 million euros ($2.5 million) a day for failing to comply with European antitrust penalties, the U.S. company said on Wednesday.

“We are putting our most valuable intellectual property on the table, so we can put technical compliance issues to rest and move forward with a serious discussion about the substance of this case,” Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith said.

The European Commission said in a response three hours later that it would “study carefully the announcement” by Microsoft. ( is a Microsoft - NBC joint venture.)
Microsoft’s offer to license a small amount of its source code, relating to server software that helps manage tasks like printing within a group of desktop machines, would help proprietary software makers but not the so-called “open source” community. More..


How I happened to learn .NET?

During the beginning of my second semester in college I went out to town to buy some books. It was there in a store in front of the College House Restaurant (near Railway Station) I saw a Computer magazine by the name Developer IQ. During my school days I used to go the library to read Computer magazines like Digit, PCQUEST, Computers@Home ,…. and I even subscribed to their CDs from our school computer lab just for the Demo Games. So I couldn’t resist the lure and guess what? That CD contained the .NET FMK and ASP.NET Webmatrix. I had no clue idea about .NET at that point of time and my brother told that it’s an upcoming technology and said we buy it. I was very much excited about the Games and other Benchmarking tools in it. After installing the games, the CD was put in the closet where it lay to be uncovered at the opportune moment.

As a new entrant to our CSE Department I got an opportunity to showcase my talent at the Cyber Showcase, a software presentation for the I yr students along with my friend Ramji. I was eager to make a mark there and we decided to present two softwares, a Quiz using Jscript and an Analog Clock using C. During the exhibition of our softwares a couple of my seniors asked “why u didn’t use any Database to retrieve the questions and why no dynamic pages?” We lost the competition. I pondered a lot over this question and thought of learning a Server Side programming language. My brother and I tried a lot to configure Apache Tomcat in our system but in vain. So my dream went into shambles.

It was then my brother happened to borrow the ASP.NET Webmatrix Mechanical Toolkit book from his library. I installed the .NET FMK and Webmatrix as told in the Book and was all too excited to develop my very first Dynamic web page.Success! 8-) I started working on the exercises given in the book chapter by chapter and I never knew developing interactive web apps would be that simple. I didn’t have SQL Server at that time, so I had to download the MSDE (63MB) from my system through a Dial-up connection which lasted over 6 hours. It gave me anxious moments until I could install and configure it for my Webmatrix.

In the next semester we had the same Cyber Showcase, this time round I had developed Quiz using ASP.NET and MSDE along with Ramji and we bagged the First Prize. Right from that moment I developed a passion for .NET Technology and believe it or not we bagged the First Place in the South Zone of Microsoft-India Student Project Program 2004-2005(Expo’05,Chennai). A remarkable achievement is it. My ardor for .NET will persist.


Friday, January 27, 2006

A lesson learnt

It was the last day of the qualifying round of Code4Bill. It was 10.30 pm and just one and half hours to go for the showdown. The question set consisted of 8 questions and I was confident about only two ;-) and 4 were doubtful. But I thought I wud give it a try. With just two minutes to go for 12.00pm instead of clicking the Submit button I accidentally the Backspace (<-) key :-(. By the next time I could resubmit it I got the message Timed-Out. I could do no more. Hoping that I wud get another opportunity next year.


Thursday, January 12, 2006


Phew the community launch is over. MaduraiDotNet has achieved yet another milestone. It was my first experience onstage ,addressing a large gathering of over 300+. After the intro session on .NET was over I was nostaligic, looking down the path through which I came, from my first seminar in college Microprocessor... :-). "Experience is the best teacher",how true it is . The Communty Launch is just the beginning of what's going to come next. Its a whole new xperience for me, the last minute scare ;-), the decorated salads..... Its just like a dream too real to believe but its true. The dream continues......


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