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Sunday, March 05, 2006

My pet Squirrel
Hurray I have bought a data cable for my mobile phone. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. The first thing which I did was, I transferred the photos of my pet squirrel named Thread to my system. Wonder why this weird name. The story goes like this.. when my squirrel was very small a tiny strand of “thread” got around it and almost got it strangled, we saved it just in time. Here are some snapshots of my pet.

How is that :-)


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Your Personality Is

Guardian (SJ)

You are sensible, down to earth, and goal oriented.
Bottom line, you are good at playing by the rules.

You tend to be dominant - and you are a natural leader.
You are interested in rules and order. Morals are important to you.

A hard worker, you give your all at whatever you do.
You're very serious, and people often tell you to lighten up.

In love, you tend to take things carefully and slowly.

At work, you are suited to almost any career - but you excel in leadership positions.

With others, you tend to be polite and formal.

As far as looks go, you are traditionally attractive. You take good care of yourself.

On weekends, you tend to like to do organized activities. In fact, you often organize them!


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