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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Food does matter!!

If you had asked me what my favourite food was a couple of years back it would have been a dish which any college going boy would like eating. But things have changed a lot over time especially when I am staying away from my home and wake up each morning and rush to a place where the tastiest food around was the one i hated the most, which i even stopped eating for two years at one go. Guess what??? its Idli.

Within two months out here Idli has become my favourite food... But it never works out well with the Sambhar(No yaar! its actually a sweet dish). Mindboggling how they prepare it with that special taste... Having no other go I eat that almost every day and ocassionally having a bite at Adayar Anandha Bhavan (A2B) during weekends. Puri tastes good there along with the Urulaikelangu(Aloo masal) something which is closer to the taste back home.

After coming here food has become an item which I take for keeping myself alive rather than a thing of taste and enjoyment :-



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