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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Spooky dreams!!

Last night feeling too bored i went to bed very early and was simply rolling around until 11.30pm as I couldn't sleep well. I woke up at 3 am the next day, courtesy my dream.

The dream?? here it is... There is an old museum in some unknown place where people visit very often. In one of the halls showcasing old furnitures, a grand piano is at one corner. Ocassionally the piano plays on its own. The person who sees this piano while it is playing disappears under mysterious circumstances the very next day. So far no one is aware of incidents such as these. On the next day, I (an ordinary character in this dream) visit the museum. I start exploring the museum and I enter the room hosting the grand piano. I see no one in the room and I see the piano playing on its own. Thinking that to be some mechanical setup I move around the room and when I was about to leave the room, a woman rushes towards me asking me to stop. Feeling a bit sceptical as to how this woman ended up in this room without my notice, i start marching forward as if turning a deaf ear to her call. Then I hear repeated shouts from that woman. Tired of her shouts I turn back and I see that lady approaching me. I see a big dressing mirror placed on the wall, to my astonishment I dont see her reflection on the mirror. Then I quickly look at her, and find her completely dressed in white with a pale yellow face and bloody red eyes. I then start running and I suddenly wake up in bed thanking god it was just a dream.



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