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Friday, August 01, 2008

Back to school!!

Yep..Back to school, this time for my piano classes :-) . I can remember very well as a small kid in 4th standard so desperate to learn piano. But that almost came true when I was in my 8th standard, I got a chance to take up classes for a month in the school where I studied in Madras and could not study further as we moved to Madurai.

Finally, in my 3rd year in college we bought a 5 octave Yamaha keyboard E303. I have been taking up classes on both Western & Classical (BTW, very little of it) ever since I moved to Bangalore for my work. I can play a bit of Treble notes, rest is still cooking.

That's me practising hard :-)

Its always fun to learn the stuffs you always wanted to do.
Piano classes also taught me a very good lesson on humility, "a place one has to listen to a third standard kid and watch him play a tune. You never know, they are more experienced in it than what we are!!"

If you are passionate about Piano, Violin or Guitar and you stay close to S.S.Colony/Bye-Pass Road in Madurai, you can write to me at I can put you in touch with our Music Sir :-)

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