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Thursday, December 25, 2008

What Christmas Is & Is not

It Isn't about:

1) It is not about the Santa Claus that appears these days as a default logo during Christmas season

2) It is neither abt the Christmas tree nor the star that hangs in front of the house.

3) It is not about plum cakes & new clothes.

4) It is not about all-night parties.

The media and the society portray Christmas as yet another day to party & exchange gifts during the holiday season, in effect the real-meaning of Christmas is lost somewhere. It is analogous to a person arranging a huge banquet for a King and not inviting him. How good is that???

It Is about:

God’s love for mankind. A love so pure & lasting, that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for us and to save us from our sins [which would end in death otherwise]. And a time for us to realise, repent of our sins and accept Him so that we might live and walk with Him every day.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A year gone by..

Dec 17th 2007, it is still etched in my mind, the day I underwent Zyoptics Eye Treatment to correct my vision, of course to do away with my specs :-). I have been wearing specs from my 3rd standard, probably due to hereditary reasons, since my father & grand father started wearing specs at a young age.

Coping up as school going kid had always been difficult, especially when I stood out so distinctively in the class just because I wore a spectacle so big that would cover two third of my face 8-) ... Not to mention the insults & nicknames from teachers & other contemporaries. This went on till I completed my 12th standard. I switched over to contact lens once I joined college[Ah, what a relief!! :)]. Looking back, it brings a smile on my face and am thankful to God for making me go through these sort of experiences so that I could learn from them.

PS: I have abstracted on my Zyoptics Eye Treatment procedure coz I ain't a doc ;-) .. On second thought, I would post it sometime in future on-demand basis :-)

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Proof that God exists!

Let us try proving that God exists conversly. As per defnition of God, " God is holy, just, full of truth, loving & the law giver".


Assume that God does not exist.
1) Good & evil exists in this world. Even an atheist would agree to it for sure.

2) But, man cannot set the rules for what is good & evil.
Say for eg: Mercy killing is it good or bad? As per a survey conducted by NDTV recently, 67% agree that it is Correct. The remaining 33% do not agree to it and feels that is Not Correct. We have different opinions here. A statement's correctness is purely relative and varies from person to person. So, man cannot be the moral law giver because what one feels to be correct may not be acceptable from the other person's perspective.

3) So the moral law giver should be someone who is true, just & correct always.

4) This matches with the definition of God. This conflicts our assumption.

Therefore God exists.

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