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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Granny's cake

Atheists say "the reason mankind still believes in a Creator is because he has not yet fully understood how the Universe came in to exisitence. Just because Science has not yet proved convincingly the Big Bang Theory(& the likes), mankind clings to his age old beliefs".

Hope, you might have heard this umpteen number of times. This, to an extent can be summarized as "Science is God".

Assume a granny has baked a chocolate cake.
A group of scientists are asked to examine the cake.

One says "NaHCO3 is present"
Another says "It is made of wheat & cocoa"
Another says "Flour & milk is mixed in the proportion 3:1"
Another one says, "It contains sucrose"

Well said. The above could be true. But examining granny's cake never answered "WHY Granny baked it in the first place?". Science answers only the "how & what" part. Granny could have made the cake for a birthday bash!.

Now, coming to the original topic, where science fits in? Mankind in his knowledge has found a scientific explanation to the constituents of the Universe. But Science can never answer the WHY part or the purpose behind it.

This is the reason why Science cannot take God's place.
Science only helps us understand the fingerprint of the Creator.

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