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Friday, September 07, 2007

Of Oil & Masala Dosaas

Almost every hotel here serve masal dosaa (this is how its pronounced here). You can catch them in the menu of hotels ranging from big ones to the not so famous eat outs here. But no matter where you eat it, you can't do away with the oil that also comes along with that [free of cost :)].
This morning me and my friend ordered for masal dosaa, after seeing the waiter bring it, I grabbed a bunch of tissue papers from the table and so did he, which must have made the waiter wonder what these two guys are up to with all these tissue papers. If you think that we took it for wiping water off our hands then you are absolutely wrong!!!! As soon I reached the table, i placed the tissue paper on the dosaa and it started soaking like anything, the tissue paper because as transparent as glass. Then I sat wondering what will happen if I keep on eating this dosaa soaked in oil for a year. No wonder the doc wud say, "Hold it chap! you have a high cholesterol level". I don't want anything like that to happen, so I decided to avoid dosaa items as much as possible and eat it only when I have no other option.



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