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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No more a student

The final semester results are out. I’ve scored a GPA of 8.93. Never have I been so anxious about the results. It’s for two reasons I was so. Firstly, all through the final semester I’ve been involved in organizing Microsoft related activities at our college campus: 2-day .NET Workshop, Launch of Windows Vista, Campus Reach Programs and not to forget the 2-day session on Windows Vista by Ajay Thomas, Academic Developer Evangelist, Microsoft in TCE, MKU, KLN CE and SIT. Secondly, three out of the six papers were very theoretical.. With college life drawing to a close lemme compile what all I've done in each semester right from first semester till the eight semester:

I Semester: Came across a totally different teaching style at college compared to school. Disappointed with the score I got in the semester exam with the amount of effort I put in.

II Semester: Completed my first project along with Ramji, an Inventory Control for Web Design Lab, CSE Dept, TCE using VB6.0 and MS ACCESS. Then, a couple of projects in JScript and VB 6.0. During the semester holidays, started learning ASP.NET (Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix Mechanical Workshop by Mike Pope) hoping that it would have something for me in the years to come. Semester results were better this time :)

III Semester: Did a Quiz engine using ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 along with Ramji. Then registered as a team of five on Police Crime Record Management System under the Microsoft Student Project Program 2004-2005 (renamed now as Microsoft Academic Project Program).

IV Semester: Was busy the entire semester even during the weekends seriously working for the project. Then the preliminary project review at Coimbatore Institute of Technology. Had interesting experiences (My teammates know what it is ;)). Got in-touch with Kevin D’Souza, Abhisek Kant of Microsoft. Our project got listed among the Top 300 projects in India and our project won the Best Project Award in South Zone from Microsoft

V Semester: Not much activity this semester except for the first .Net User Group meet at our campus where only 12 people turned up after a lot of canvassing. I and Padmashree made as Managers of the MaduraiDotNet UG.

VI Semester: Got an opportunity to see Bill Gates in person at Bangalore. Then the community launch of VS 2005, SQL Server 2005, BizTalk Server 2006 at Madurai and Kaushik’s session. Got in-touch with Deepak Rajendran of Microsoft (Rarely can you come across with a guy with such a passion towards Microsoft technologies) who helped us in organizing the event here. Microsoft Community Roadshow headed by Reza and Team in TCE, KLNCE and SIT Placement Preparations ON.

VII Semester: Got dual offers. Visit to the Microsoft India Development Campus, Hyderabad last September as a part of the Microsoft Student Partner Program. Got a chance to interact with peers all across India. Won the Best New User group Award from Microsoft for the MaduraiDotNet User Group. Visit to KLN CE, LDC and SIT for conducting .NET Sessions.

VIII Semester: You can read it in this same post and here

I almost forgot!!! my good old mini bus, my mode of transport to college every morning for which we celebrated Bus day in the 8th semester :)

Over the past 4 years my college has shaped me well and am thankful to God for helping me complete my course.

All these incidents mark the end of college life whose memories will be with me always.



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