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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dogs Everywhere

On my way to the office, I found this sight of two dogs lazing on a wall at a busy intersection where there's always constant honking of cars and buses. I stopped by to take a snap.

In Bangalore, dogs are everywhere from busy roads to small street corners. I'm a little scared of dogs and I dread walking in the streets at night. Near small mutton shops on the street you can find dogs (very muscular ;) ) which often chase people riding in bikes. Whenever you read incidents of dog bites in the newspapers, you can see people from NGOs and Blue Cross flocking around and say "They are innocent creatures. Leave them alone!". One question I would like to ask them ,"What if that same dog bites someone in our family, you still stand by what you have said???". I agree that killing dogs is inhuman, but leaving them on the roadside is dangerous. They are also responsible for many accidents, when they suddenly come in front of speeding vehicles especially bikes. Dogs can be adopted, this avoids killing them and guarding people.



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