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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Down the memory lane...

There are lots of incidents that I can never forget in my college life... especially the opportunity of catching Bill Gates right in front of my eyes and that too with me sitting in the front benches of that event. Wow!!! I still can't believe it happened. You can view my previous post on this :) In my 10th Matriculation English syllabus there was a lesson on Bill Gates, the story of a boy turning into a billionaire "The Billion Dollar Secret". Never in my wildest dream I thought I would be able to catch him in person. There have been different opinions on how he climbed the way to the top, but none can reject that he is a role model of millions of coders and entrepreneurs.

And a year later exactly on this same month in 2006, I got a chance to visit the Microsoft India Development Center for a 3-day technical training, that was the first software company I visited. Roaming around the campus and drinking free coke and chocolate coffee, I got a chance to meet my peers who were just like me amazed by the campus :) Read my experience here

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