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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Longest Day...

Tuesday being a holiday, we had planned for a trip to pearl valley around 30kms from the Bangalore city along with my friends and our college seniors. But unfortunately it got postponed. Having got up very early in the morning, myself, Sens, Praveen & Musi were sitting and thinking how to pass on the day. After eliminating a big list of spots to visit we finally settled for Cubbon Park. We started our walk right from Shivaji Nagar to Cubbon Park stopping here and there to catch a glimpse of the Gandhi Jeyanthi Celebrations on M.G.Road.

The very first look of Cubbon Park created an impression that no one cleans the park and a there's a swamp waiting to welcome you. No wonder if you find crocodiles in them :D . Then we sat on one of the benches for sometime. The constant honking of the Bal Bhavan Express drove us away. We started exploring the park and for a first timer like me it was quite adventurous takling all the small bushes that blocked the path, and suddenly I found that we had reached the end of the first half of the park and a road separates the other half of the park. Unable to cope the cry of our stomachs we walked all the way to Cunningham Road for lunch. On the way we accidentally took the road infront of the Vidhan Soudha without knowing that it is open for the public. I would have counted more than 2000 heads on the entire stretch.

After reaching the hotel Nisarga we had some good Barota after a very long time. Then we once again returned back to Cubbon Park and sat on a rock chatting for sometime. Then we walked all the way towards M.G.Road. Suddenly it started to drizzle and we enter the Indian Coffee House a legacy coffee shop, the interior says it all, You can find grey hairs chatting over coffee. I was astonished to find this shop, that too on one of the most happening streets in B'lore selling lemonade for Rs.7. The we started our journey once again from M.G.Road-> Brigade Road-> 5th Avenue [Watched the India cricket team eating dirt] -> Garuda Mall-> Bangalore Central Mall-> Commerical Street [Went around in circles in search of a shop]-> Shivaji Nagar-> [Bus to Indra Nagar]-> CMH road[again in circles]. Waited in Coffee Day for an hour to eat an almost rotten veg pizza, I guess it must be atleast 2 years old :(

We would have covered around 10kms by walk. It was fun and luckily I didn't end up counting sheep :D


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