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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Iceman Effect

Never has any F1 season been as controversial and interesting as this season. After the exit of the Michael Schumacher, everyone's eye was on the two time world champion who kicked dirt on Schumi's face and on the Iceman (Kimi) who had moved to Ferrari from McLaren. Suddenly out of the blue came the rookie Lewis Hamilton who went on to surprise everyone with his almost flawless driving. The squabble between Alonso & Hamilton both on and off the track and within the McLaren team made way for its exit in the Constructor Championship race. Till the very last race the Driver's Championship was open. But hopes were high on the rookie but the iceman proved them all wrong.

As for me I could only hear the news of Kimi winning the title through a SMS sent by my brother around 11.45 pm in the night while returning back by train to Bangalore :(
Out of excitement i woke Senthil out of his bed to pass on the news to him who was fast asleep in his berth then :D

Kimi on the podium

The Iceman zooming just before the start of a race



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